Adam Faltus

   These days he study a cinematography in movie at university, previously student of product design at secondary art school. He is interested in movies since his early childhood and since his 15 years he has started interested in photography. After he took up a studying at secondary school he is increasing his knowledge in photography and film. By this way he is getting a lot of experience to his life.
Svitavská klapka junior 2019 – 3rd Place for short movie The Man Who Drunk an Alcohol
NPS 2019 – Student Jury Choice Award for short movie The Man Who Drunk an Alcohol
2019 May – 61st Kocian Violin Competition solo
2018 December – Malá scéna bar
Kocian Violin Competiton
Zlatnictví Salaba
SŠUP Ústí nad Orlicí
Orlický deník
FAMO Písek